Welcome To Osteopath Ireland

You’ve a sore back, a painful neck, or maybe a sports related strain or injury? Osteopath Ireland could be your answer. Osteopathy is used to treat the following:


Osteopathy for • general acute & chronic backache and back pain • mechanical neck pain • sciatica & trapped nerves • muscle spasms • neuralgia • headaches from neck & back issues •jaw pain• arthritic pain and stiffness • generalised joint pain & stiffness • frozen shoulder • sports injuries • shoulder, elbow, knee and hip pain & tennis elbow • cramps • digestive issues • lumbago • fibromyalgia • stress & tension • Sinusitis • pain during pregnancy • Repetitive strain many more

How does osteopathy work?

By invigorating and decongesting soft tissues, improving joint function, reducing pain and inflammation, this allows the body to heal itself. By improving the function of the musculoskeletal system this can enhance other body activities such as nerve function, circulation, breathing, digestion and elimination, thereby improving vitality and general health.

Please feel free to read through our website and get in touch if you have any questions.